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Hey Queens! Join the movement and help us break the code as we amplify Black women, our voices and our stories. Unlocking the Club is a mindset. It's about sharing our stories, speaking the truth and reclaiming our power. It's about showing up, stepping up and speaking up. Let your voices be heard by donning some Codebreakers Swag because you know that when you look good ➡️ you feel good & you do good. If you're a Black women, identify as Black + female, identify as Black + non-binary, or are a true ally/advocate/accomplice...

join in! Let's unlock the club!


Unlocking the Club's mission is to amplify the voices and stories of Black Women. Our vision is to shift power, enhance the prism through which Black women are "seen & heard", and unlock how Black women are able to navigate their journey. Empowered women, empower others and the world will be a better place when we center Black women in our stories.